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50,000 Words Or Bust

11/2/08 06:29 pm - proof - 15x Comic Strip - Nanowrimo, writing a novel in 30 days

10/28/08 11:50 am - proof - Nanowrimo Comic Strip

Check out More comic strips 15xcomic.blogspot.com/
Happy Nanowrimo! Follow my progress at http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/246963

11/6/07 01:54 pm - proof - Nanowrimo

It's National Novel Writing Month
Are you in!?


10/31/07 11:21 pm - sylverice2

Happy Samhain, and Happy Beginning of NaNoWriMo!

I'm writing again this year, and am actually making the effort to get more involved. There's going to be a meet up in Colchester this coming Sunday, at the Plum Tomato. If you're interested in more details, the email is connecticutnanoers AT gmail.com. We're hoping that we can get enough interest to make a local writing group a regular year-round sort of thing.

I'm doing another series of short stories again this year (hey, it worked last year!), though I'm starting entirely from scratch with them. I'm not sure if these will end up being connected or not, but at least short stories keep my attention.

If you're interested in daily prompts or word wars or anything like that, drop a comment. It could be a lot of fun to try.

11/7/06 11:20 pm - thesilentpoet


I'm writing a series of interconnected, short stories. While each story revolves around a different character, every story circles around the fact that Neil Kalogeris killed himself.

That said. One clue as to his reasons why (at least as those who knew him best consider as one) is the night that he slept with a boy from the radio station he was interning at and his boyfriend slept with fellow law student Cassandra Michaels.

That said. I need for Evy Hammond and Cassie Michaels to meet. But if Evy is--was--Neil's best friend, would she even want to meet her?

11/2/06 05:12 pm - sylverice2

Well, November has begun again!

I'm off to a decent start, with a little over three thousand words. I was smart this year, and decided to work on a series of short stories set in a common world. I'd written some beginnings before, which I'm not counting towards my word count, but I've finished off two stories since starting last night, and am feeling like I have some momentum.

How's everyone else doing?

11/20/05 11:56 am - ygjunkie85 - 30k+ Anyone?

I ended yesterday with 31,181 words. It took a lot of effort to pull through the twenty thousands, but I perservered. Is anyone making any decent progress? Or has everyone surpassed me and finished days ago? No one seems to be posting or responding, so I can either be optimistic and figure you're all finished and have no need of this journal. Or I can be pessemistic and figure you're all in the same boat as I am and are behind, and are too busy to post here because you're trying to catch up on your word counts. I could also think that some have given up, but that would be sad and depressing, so I won't think such thoughts.

11/15/05 03:27 pm - ygjunkie85 - 20k+ anyone?

It's been a while since anyone's said anything it seems. I finally just squeezed out 20,031 today. I still have plenty of plot to go, I've just been distracted by academics. How's everyone else doing so far. Considering today's techincally half way day, I'm still behind, hopefull others fare better.

11/6/05 06:14 pm - ygjunkie85 - 10k+

Hurray for writing. I am currently 20% done with NaNo, and only on day six. I am happy. I don't know if I'll be able to keep it going, but I'm still gonna try. I like where this plot is going, and I'm going to have fun with it later on. I hope everyone else is faring well in their word count.

11/3/05 11:28 am - ygjunkie85 - Aaarggg

Well I have a feeling I'll be falling behind early. I'm getting swamped with multiple essays and an exam tomorrow. I doubt if I'll be able to NaNo today, so I'll probably need some encouragement this weekend to catch up. I just hope I don't get too distracted by other homework this weekend, my teachers seem to enjoy giving us homework all due on the day when we need it tbe least.
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