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50,000 Words Or Bust

11/2/05 05:53 pm - sylverice2

Fueled by orange soda and Freddie Mercury, I've finished soooo much - well, the fueled part isn't a lie, but the accomplishments might be.  I haven't written very much on my story, though I did manage to bang out a couple thousand words of a Smallville fanfic during work today.  And I've nearly finished the design for my mum's website.

My inspiration is usually Queen music - what do you guys write to?  Silence?  Techno?  Angsty teenybopper music?  I've tried J-pop, techno, classic rock, celtic rock, techno-heavy-metal-fantasy-opera...Some characters like certain things, others will come out for whatever I'm doing.  Different stories want different music.  Different styles of writing demand certain types of music.  Anyone else out there multiple-personality-disorder when it comes to this kind of thing?

We're (my muse and I) are hoping for some inspiration to hit us around the time that we get Chinese for dinner.  For some reason, Chinese food and manga-as-prose seem to go together.

11/1/05 11:51 am - ygjunkie85 - It's November!!! :)

It is officially the first of November, rejoice NaNoer's for the day of beginning has arrived. *Insert peppy music here*

In a fit of creative insanity I actually met the word quota for today in under two hours. I chock it up to a lot of caffeine and an itch to write this story for a month and a half now. I've apparently hit the ground sprinting. (Now it's a matter of not getting a cramp and falling to the ground)

How is everyone else faring?

10/25/05 01:38 pm - sylverice2

Just to kick things off and have something sitting out there so that people think this is a real community, I'll throw this out there.  Both of these sites give you progress bars that you can post/update your word count with.

The NaNoWriMo Progress Meter

The Feath Progress Bar
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